The Chicago Conspiracy DVD

It is difficult for us to believe that a year has passed since the premier of The Chicago Conspiracy in Santiago, Chile. The moment in the movie theatre when we last saw each other is still fresh in our memory. The documentary premier demonstrated to us that film cannot materialize our desires, but it can articulate our rebellious thoughts. We understand that the current society protects the interests of an elite, and this will only end with the destruction of that society.

We have seen how the dictatorship of capital has only changed its public image with the arrival of the democratic state in Chile. The democratic state does not present significant changes from the dictatorship in the political and economic structure of the Concertación government or the new government of Sebastián Piñera. The state continues with the same policies of social control against rebellion that were put into place during the Pinochet era. It does not surprise us that capital has taken advantage of natural disasters—in the case of the earthquake this year—to protect capitalist interests without accounting for people’s needs. The Chilean state continues to raid Mapuche communities in conflict, and once again the state seeks to intimidate every rebellious voice in the cities. The legal system is not designed to find guilt, and it never has been. It exists to maintain political and economic power. We know that every collective, individual, and community that enters into conflict with the state can expect brutal repression. This is why we use terms like social war, because the situation is clearly a war with numerous fronts. There is no neutral position in the war. The mainstream press is an active agent, and its entire existence depends on maintaining the current system.

One year from the premier of The Chicago Conspiracy, we are very proud to present the first edition DVD. We hope that it will be a helpful reflection and discussion of the social war lived daily. History is created by our own actions. As combatants, we use the medium of film to articulate our desires. We do not work as militant filmmakers; we are militants who put film to use.

The DVD will be on sale at a higher price outside of Chile to finance the costs of production and future projects. It will be on sale in Chile at the cost of production. Also in the coming weeks, we will upload a free copy to be viewed online.

Freedom for all prisoners in the social war!





  • eduardo

    si pido el documental por la pagina esta disponible en español o con subtitulos ?
    gracias adios

  • Matias

    Hola, queria saber mas menos, cuando podriamos descargar el documental, soy de viña del mar y hace mucho tiempo que lo quiero ver, Saludos.

  • j

    Sí, el documental está disponible en ambos ingles y español, cada DVD está subtitulado con las dos opciones. Sé que la tienda solo está en ingles, es por razones técnicas. La querría cambiar, pero hasta el momento no tenemos como hacerlo.

    Además, el documental estará disponible en internet lo más luego posible. Lo vamos a subir por dos formas: vimeo y torrent. Estoy haciendo la compresión de video para vimeo ahora, y luego para el torrent.

  • Fabian

    Podiras subirlo a megaupolad dividido en partes?

    el torrent es medio lento?
    me gustario mucho mostrar el documental en el lugar en donde vivo!

  • Gabi


    Queria saber si ya se puede descargar el dvd por internet, o sino, los lugares donde lo estan vendiendo.



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